Sliced solids greatest thing since sliced bread.

Enjoy! We’re starting with this post a brand new column “Handy Math” – it’s dedicated to Professor Feynman of course.

PS Yes dear readers, watch for another new column later in the week.



Pendulums promised this week we’d post a multiple pendulums app. Sorry, I’m not sure we can keep our promise. We have many more. A quick search on one of our iDevices listed the following. Enjoy! Feel free to use the comments to suggest more.

Double Pendulum








Number-crunching all have heard about how important is qualitative analysis of, e.g., differential equations, lest the numerical solution leads us astray. But have we heard any lecture on situations which defy calculus, and yet can be tackled by a modern computer? Of course, the Monte Carlo method. Anything else? If you can’t come up with anything else, read the book by Paul Nahin for a lot more.