Q:  Who are you?

A: That’s us. A few people who do what they say and say what they do, and who are passionate about it. We will keep posting as long as we feel like it. We hope you find something you enjoy, and in any case, thank you for visiting us.

Q: Whom is this website for?

A: For everyone who is curious, and we hope for you, too. We would like to present a wide variety of materials, from young children to college level.

Q: I don’t like this site.

A: We’re sorry about that. Certainly in the Wide Web you will find something else to your taste.

Q:I love this site! I’d like to help. How?

A: If you have material you’d like to submit for publication, or if you think you’d like to become a regular contributor, please contact any of us, or leave a comment. If you wish to donate and contribute to our expenses, please click the “Donate” link at the top of every page. But, rest assured we’re happy if you support us by simply coming back, commenting and leaving suggestions, telling your friends about us. By the way, we don’t make money out of traffic: there are no ads here. Providing quality content is our payoff.

Q: What do you think about homeschooling?

A: All of us have experience with homeschooling. We think it’s great, allowing enormous flexibility in accordance to the teacher’s and the (few) students’ wishes and interests, and making a child accountable for him/herself at an earlier age.

We do not think kids – or for what matters, adults – are happier if they are ignorant. We do not think it is a violence or a misuse of power to teach children. We think that, given how we force kids and bribe kids – without thinking twice – to brush their teeth, it can’t be too bad to do the same when it comes to life-saving skills (such as swimming) or skills that make a difference in life (such as calculus).

We don’t have a problem with whatever you may think and do for yourself and your family, and you are welcome to enjoy our website whether or not you agree with us.

Q: I read your manifesto. Do you subscribe to scientism?

A: No we don’t, and by the way, why should you care if we did?

Mathematics and science are among the strongest driving forces of our culture and civilization: perhaps that’s because they are driven by passion, but that’s just our opinion. They also have another very special attribute: they go beyond any difference of beliefs and lifestyle. They are truly a common language for all mankind.

Humanistic culture is closely related to identity, and identity is something that every human being has to decide and build for him/herself and transmit to their children. Dialogue, exchange, debate are an essential part of human experience, and they are often difficult. Building an identity along a lifetime is, as well, an essential part of human experience, and surely not easy either. None of this is what we’re seeking to do on this website, and none of this is what math and science are designed to do. In fact, when they attempt to, they usually do a poor job.

Q: What does your logo means?

A: Nothing at all, or at least, nothing we know of. We liked a child being surprised at the statement that the empty set has dimension -1 and we figured a good logo *has* to puzzle the reader. It goes without saying we can’t afford professional logo design, nor professional website design: but you, dear reader, are very welcome to fix that.

Q: We noticed some intellectual work of third parties.

A: Yes, like everyone else, we sometimes use third party contents or public domain content which has been compiled and made usable by others. We respect the authors’ work and their intellectual property, and in addition to complying with all applicable laws, we make an effort to refer the author, or at least, the person we learned the concept from. We usually add this information a few weeks after posting, in order to allow people to enjoy solving the problems or exercises and puzzles, rather than looking it up, or googling. You can always contact us, if you have to know right away :)

Copyrighted content is reproduced either by permission by the author, or under “fair use” provisions of copyright laws, for purposes of commentary, criticism, teaching and research.

We are fully aware that by posting our sources in detail, we are suggesting sources to our friends, colleagues, and competitors, whom will not necessarily refer us. We don’t mind doing so. That shows we can afford it.

Q: May I reuse your material elsewhere?

A: Please let us know if you’d like to: we may be able to work something out. In any case, we hope you will respect our contents and always quote them with attribution, as we do, and of course we hope you’d contact us if you’d like to use them beyond “fair use”. Of course we, like you, are well-aware it’s difficult to enforce our rights, so, we’ll just remark that if some hypotetical entity is abusing our contents, perhaps they’d do better working upon becoming capable of writing their own.


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