Dear readers, this is Daniela, a blog admin. I need to talk to all of you about something.

I have a stalker named Bill. And, Bill, you know who you are. I absolutely hate you. I loathe you. I want you so bad to go away.

Won’t you help me, dear readers. This slimy monster haunts me. He keeps hanging around, despite my best efforts to be rid of him. I think he likes me. And when I finally get rid of him for a while, he keeps coming back. Yes, I think he loves me! I never gave him any hint that I find him attractive, and yet, he’s always around. Ignoring him does not work either: on the contrary, he returns with even more insistence. He comes in many disguises… hosting bill, no-ads bill, storage space bill, domain name bill, and so on… but the most dreaded is the credit card bill, that is, the due payment of all the material I’m posting about, and sometimes, of expensive trash I will never post about, and which I fell for, “thanks” to the cross-promoting infomercials that infest the web. (We don’t do this. We don’t promote material unless we believe it’s great. And if you dislike it, we post legitimate opinions, including those that disagree with ours.)

Don’t you want to shoot Bill and make him harmless for a few weeks? Please click the trigger via the Donate button! Thank you!

Thank you for donating


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