532 symmetry on a sphere

Many thanks to Chaim Goodman-Strauss for kind permission to use the image: click through to mathbun.com one of his blogs. 532 symmetry on a sphere. Look at the blue dots for a hint about orbifold conventional names, or best of all, see our previous post https://madematics.wordpress.com/2011/09/11/the-symmetries-of-things/ 




Hotel Hilbert Open University, a 30 min 1996 TV film. A young woman, despite the “No Vacancy” sign, asks the front desk for a room. She, and the audience, will enjoy a few paradoxes in transfinite cardinal numbers, and will meet Tristam Shandy, Aristoteles, and a few other interesting characters. For all ages and all proficiency levels.

Boy’s surface week we build some self-intersecting Boy surfaces: pick your favourite(s).



Polyhedral versions:


http://www.savoir-sans-frontieres.com/JPP/telechargeables/English/Topo_the_world_eng.pdf page 48 (the Topologicon is available in many languages besides English)