Fourier Trainer, TaylorTrainer

An intuitive interface for playing with coefficients of the first five Fourier terms (sin and cos) and respectively, the first five terms of the Taylor expansion, and see what happens to their sum, compared to the original function. Also, get an intuitive idea of minimizing distance in the sense of the infinite-dimensional metric. Fully usable before knowing advanced math.



We promised this week we’d post a multiple pendulums app. Sorry, I’m not sure we can keep our promise. We have many more. A quick search on one of our iDevices listed the following. Enjoy! Feel free to use the comments to suggest more.

Double Pendulum









A simulation of the N-body problem for iDevice. It’s free, too. Enjoy! Multiple pendulums next week.

As PoincarĂ© himself put it, “One is struck by the complexity of this figure I am not even attempting to draw. Nothing can give us a better idea of the complexity of the three-body problem and of all problems of dynamics where there is no holomorphic integral and Bohlin’s series diverge.”

Hello Kitty Space Travel Puzzle

To start our App of the Week series, I’ve chosen an app for girls. There are all sort of complaints that girls don’t like math and science, and to be honest, I don’t believe them. But, whatever. Nothing is more kawaii than Hello Kitty! And here she is. Watch out, even boys are going to enjoy this one.

The easy puzzles are called easy for a reason, they are kawaii versions of the Konisberg bridges. But then, the game becomes serious. It even takes place on n-tori multiconnected surfaces. Might be cute, but watch out: it bites. Good thing Hello Kitty eats apples, and does not like math ignoramuses, not even with applesauce.