We decided to set up this blog out of frustration. We have gotten sick at how math and science is mistreated. We want this site to be enjoyed by anyone, that is, we make an effort that, regardless of age, level of math proficiency, and amount of previous disgust against “math” (or, what math is believed to be), anyone should find something to learn.

Would you like to join us? Do you have quality material to post? Contact us.

No, really, it’s sickening. Math and science have always been loving partners and they have together given a huge contribution to human civilization. Of course, along the centuries, a number of fools have viewed mathematics as a secondary tool in order to advance their own scientific pursuits, from pythagorean ratios used by egyptian architects, to calculus measuring the deviation of an object,  to the trajectories of Napoleon’s Canon’s to nowadays modern cryptography. Needless to say, they were bad mathematicians and bad scientists too.

Society has hardly benefited from anything more than mathematics, yet it’s the least celebrated topics. The kids that complain about math homework, use highly sophisticated computers and social networking sites to project their anger, and relax with videogames and smartphones; it is hypocritical and comical at the same time.

Different branches of sciences are ranked differently in terms of their universal validity. Engineering and chemistry, or even physics and computer science, may well be rewritten one of these days. We mock Aristotle’s theories of the Universe, and tomorrow we may ridicule our own periodic table. Not so for mathematics: we may build new math, and no doubt we will do so, as long as intelligent beings exist in our universe; but the wealth of existing math will not fade away.

Mathematics doesn’t evolve nor does it create. It just exists, waiting for us to discover it’s connections. That it explains our universe may seem like an absurd idea, and actually it is.

Scientist alone is true poet he gives us the moon
he promises the stars he’ll make us a new universe if it comes to that.


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