The Shape of Space

I think the “book of the week” column has to start with a book by Jeff Weeks 🙂

We are going to talk here about an awesome book, The Shape of Space, and a dull book, Exploring the shape of space, a dumbed version for schools. Why schools have to be stupid places, it beats me, but anyway. In any case, get the dumb book and grab the included CD (not sold separately) for a great video interview, including Macs before OS X, and for some applets on multiconnected spaces. You can also, since you are at it, try out the nicest “activity”: design 2D living beings. Then, it’s time to study the real book.

The Shape of Space is by far the best resource for multiconnected spaces at elementary level. Nothing is taken for granted, the book even explains what a Klein bottle is. Including exercises of all sorts. Quit wasting time reading this review, and open the book. Super-recommended for anyone who can read: illitterate friends, get someone to read this to you.


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