Math from outer space

We received a guest post and we are happy to publish it.

We are not sure of the author’s name, but we’ve heard from reliable sources that, if we really must use an English name, we may call him Paperbaby. Our sources also sent us his passport photo:


Our sources say he loves science and math and that he is very bored with immigration formalities. He would love to correspond with math-loving earthling children! Unfortunately, he does not speak any earthly language. What do you think, dear children readers? Is our planet too busy with wars, or shall we find our friend some pen-pals?

Here is the message he sent us. He is, of course, aware we don’t speak any of the many languages he knows, so, he sent us a wordless message.

Anyone is up to the challenge of writing back a response to Paperbaby? We can’t wait for your messages. Our trustworthy contacts in the Alien Immigration Office will doubtlessly forward all messages to Paperbaby, and of course, we will be pleased to post his responses.

Credits and source attribution
We are indebted to ArAl for suggesting a mathfriend who does not speak any language we know:

The star puzzle was brought to our attention by Alberto Capitani. Source: David Hillman, Puzzlegrams, edited by Pentagram, page 117


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